Hi, arachnia is my theme for eMusic. eMusic is a beta mp3/mod/CD player, but it has gotten far more stable recently, and I find it usable now. Anyhow, its default theme is nice, but I wanted something else. Since eMusic is so configurable, I actually did. You can download it here. Since the buttons aren't particularly intuitive, and I didn't want to clutter everything up with text, I made a diagram (see right).
New! Screenshots! Have fun. I used AC3D to model the spider, then povray to render it. I then did a lot of tweaking in the Gimp. Once it looked right, with the right colors, I started cutting it apart to get the buttons etc. for the theme. Finally after a lot of trying, it's now what you see. Tell me if you like it. Right now it uses the default file selection and playlist windows, if enough people ask me, I will make up some of my own that go with this theme.
If any of this isn't very coherent, please forgive me, I am quite tired but want to get this out, I really like it and am proud of it, since I don't really have any artistic talent.
Chris (