XAmixer is an ALSA based mixer, written with the gtk toolkit. XAmixer is fairly simple right now, but it does support these features:

I have started the 0.3 development branch because XAmixer has been rewritten to support versions of Alsa >= 0.4.0. For a while this branch was called XAmixer2 but that code has now become XAmixer 0.3.1. Development is slow but continuing. If you have any patches or requests please let me know.

The reason for the change was that the mixer interface of ALSA changed dramatically and I am releasing XAmixer under the terms of the GPL. The terms of copying are included in the source distribution.

XAmixer does not work with alsa version .9 or greater. The mixer interface in .9 is different again and honestly I don't feel like keeping up the needless rewrites of the interface. Well, that and Abramo Bagnara is, or at least was, in my opinion, an ass. Since he is, or at least was, central to alsa development and I couldn't stand talking to him, I gave up several years ago. If the mixer interface for alsa is (1) useful (2) stable and (3a)no longer requires any interaction whatsoever with Abramo Bagnara or (3b) Abramo is no longer so strident and difficult to deal with or work with, please let me know and I'll look into writing a gtk mixer for ALSA again. I like the ALSA project (and I like Jaroslav).

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