Ever notice that the run dialog in windows is useful? True, I most often used it to start up a command prompt, but I sometimes use it to launch programs. I find that in X I use Eterm that way - I launch it, start up a program, then kill it. Well, I figured that a small program that did the same thing as the windows run dialog would be useful. Run it and it's up almost instantaneously, Then it is a simple matter to run my program, and it goes away without me having to do anything. It now has a memory, and is starting to acquire a whole bunch of features, mostly options. I'm surprised at how configurable it is, but as people have been using it, they've come up with different situations than I'm in, and let me know what would be a good feature for them, and I've added what I can. Tab completion is a while away, I'm going to try for that in the next development version. I'm releasing it under the GPL.

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Word Count

version >= 0.1.5:
In order to get the number of lines, I use c_count 7.0. (Available from sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/devel/lang/c/). This doesn't include any xpm's.

version <= 0.1.4:
In order to get the number of lines, I used the command:

 cat *.c *.h | grep -v ^$ | egrep -v '^( )*/\*.*\*/' | wc -l
This should get rid of all blank lines and lines that are exclusively comments. It doesn't get rid of the copying policy at the beginning of each .c file, though.


If anyone can supply an icon for xrun, I would greatly appreciate it. My graphical talents aren't very good. Thanks.
Update: I've recieved one cool icon so far. If I get more I'll post them here and have some sort of vote. I don't know how to set an icon in gtk yet, and don't have the time to find out at the moment, so it will be a little while. Thanks for the contribution. Btw, is it better to embed the icon into the program, or have it separately?

Current Icons

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