Xtalk is replacement for the standard UNIX talk utility. The main benefits of xtalk are:
No watching a terminal.
When a connection comes in, a window pops up. You don't have to keep an eye on a terminal, as long as you are in X, the talk window will pop up, which can't escape your notice
No overwriting text.
Because of the graphical nature of the program, previous text isn't overwritten, and you don't have to look carefully to see where the point of conversation is if you were distracted for a minute.
Xtalk is distributed under the GPL. Get the source from here: If you are a windows user, or otherwise don't have gzip or tar, here is the compiled java program (you need all four files and they must have this name):
  1. http://cs.alfred.edu/linux/xtalk/Xtalkj.class.
  2. http://cs.alfred.edu/linux/xtalk/Xtalkj$1.class.
  3. http://cs.alfred.edu/linux/xtalk/XtalkjClient.class.
  4. http://cs.alfred.edu/linux/xtalk/XtalkjClient$1.class.

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