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This website is incredibly old. I wrote a lot of it while I was in high school, and the rest while I was in college. I made a few 1/16th hearted attempts to update it, but I just gave up. My current website is at http://www.chrislansdown.com/, where I've started over from scratch and things are newer and much better. Also, a lot less like a teenager wrote them. :)

I'm leaving this here for the time being in part because I'm hopelessly sentimental about childhood things, and it's kind of funny to see things I've done which are quite old. I recommend skipping it and going to my real website, though.

My name is Christopher Tomaras Lansdown and I recently graduated from the math program at Lehigh University. I got my bachelor's degree from Alfred University. My favorite areas of study are programming (computer science), mathematics, pholosophy, theology, and philology. I've programmed in assembly (x86 and mips), C (on linux and windows), C++, Javascript, and Perl. I am a native English speaker and have studied Spanish, German, and a little bit of Latin and Greek.

The website for my consulting practice is www.chrislansdown.com.

I used to be on my high school's crew team and still try to keep up with rowing. It's a wonderful sport that I recommend to everyone. I also juggle and knit in my spare time.

My jabber ID is ctl@jabber.org and my AIM username is TheServantOfAll.

(Netscapes earlier than version 6 will probably display the Style Sheets that I use incorrectly due to bugs in it. Upgrading to Netscape 6 should fix this.)


Linux, The Universe, and Everything
A short tutorial on linux starting from what a computer is and leading up to programming. There's plenty of information for non-programmers, though.
My Linux Page
This is mostly about my linux programs and experiences with linux. I also have a few links to other linux resources.
My Pet Tegus
Pages about my pet tegus.
Various mathematical programs and papers that I've written.
Websites I've worked on
Boa Specialist
I designed and maintain their current website.
Agama International
The nation's largest breeders of several species of lizard, including the wonderful Argentine Black and White Tegu (I absolutely love my tegu that I got from them, Niels). I designed and maintain their current website.
Favorite words, their meanings, and their etymologies
Some random philology that I found interesting.
Favorite Quotes & The Quote Repository
My attempt to put together a quote compendium. When I find quotes I like I put them here so that I can find them again.
These are some jokes that I've heard and people have sent me. So far I have jokes in english, spanish, and latin. Interestingly, the spanish section is by far the biggest.
Favorite Short Literary Works
This is the section that I put my favorite public-domain poems and other short writings of other people so that I can easily find them again. At some point this may grow to a hard-to-find-on-the-net respository of poems and such.
Raistlin Majere
One of my favorite literary characters of all time. He's an interesting character in a very well-done fantasy series by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman.

The official version of this site is at http://highsorcery.com/.

Thanks to Larry Ewing for the wonderful picture of Tux.