The Staff Of Magius

HR The Staff of Magius was given to Raistlin by Par Salian After Rasitlin completed his test. The Staff is an artifact that is extremely powerful.

For those who are familiar with D&D terms:
Used by: Magius,Raistlin, Palin.
This polished mahogany staff is topped with a crystal ball grasped in bronze dragon claw. It powers are limited only by is user; once the mage learns the staff's true nature, great power may be summoned.
Legend say the wizard Magius aided Huma in his quest to drive dragons from the face of Krynn. Magius's staff of legend still bears the wizard's spirit and lends it to save the world Magius loved. Many mages of reown have used this staff and added to its powers.


Secret Powers:
The staff recharges its powers in the light of Solinari.


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